Energy from hydro power

With a 16% market share worldwide, hydro power makes up the largest proportion of energy generation in the field of renewable energy and can guarantee electricity at competitive prices. 


The design and size of hydro power schemes can vary significantly from large scale hydro dams through to small scale ‘run of river’ schemes. vento ludens specialises in small run of river projects in the generation scale of 100 kW to 1 MW. Ideally, such hydropower plants need a constant river flow and a height differential between the point of water intake and the turbine that generates sufficient electricity. This makes the west coast of Scotland and Wales, for example, good locations for run-of-river projects.

Working from the feasibility stage, to planning through to construction and operation, we work towards ensuring that our hydro developments are integrated into the landscape sensitively and with minimal disturbance to ongoing land management practices.


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