For us it's all in the name: 
ludere = play, facere = make.


We've been bringing pleasure into the world for over 20 years: 70,000 board games per day, 350,000 games and puzzles a week and up to 13 million board games and puzzles a year - for 170 games publishers worldwide. We are the contact partner for a complete game: Production, assembly, packaging and shipping.


Certified to ISO 9001 status, the world's most widely recognised Quality Management System. It helps us to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, to improve our management processes and to compete locally and globally.  

We have committed ourselves to produce our product according to this high global standard enabling us to deliver a consistently high service time and time again.


Our dedicated and professional staff are always striving for the best results and finding creative and functional solutions in order to maintain our rigorous continuous improvement process. We produce a product that challenges our throwaway culture, it lasts, and provides joy now and for many generations to come. 


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